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JET Construction (Milton Keynes) Ltd

Quality Assurance

JET Construction acquired ISO9001 accreditation in June 2014 and are constantly striving for improvement.



.JET approach to client and users satisfaction to produce a quality project, on time and on budget.

This is achieved by the commitment of the management team fully understanding the requirements of the client and user and the environment relating to a particular project.

During the works quality is checked daily and, if necessary, remedial actions taken to avoid delays at the handover stage. Clients and users are kept fully informed of progress and liaison ensures minimum disruption to the user when work is carried out in occupied premises.

A JET Contracts Manager will also communicate with the client and user to ensure satisfaction with the progress, quality and cooperation from site.

Site tidiness and consideration relating to noise restriction is recognised and implemented and at the handover meeting JET senior management will discuss with the client and user their views relating to these issues.

To date the satisfaction of our clients can be measured by the ongoing invitations we receive from them to tender for work.

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